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…to our Sep/Oct edition, and a whole host of news and notices from the Borough and it’s surrounding locales.

This issue we bring you everything from vital asks for help (from the Barnados Supported Lodgings Scheme), to ways in which others (The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity) can help you! Sprinkle in a bundle of reports from great events (Robbie’s Rugby Festival, Joe’s Jog and the Birstall Cancer Charity Golf Day for example) and we hope we’ve plenty to appeal to everyone…

…including, a little spotlight on school exams and what to do if things haven’t quite gone to plan! We note here too a worthy mention for Grace Dieu Manor School, an education facility that continues to go from strength to strength, and who always have some exciting announcements for us regarding their latest developments and offerings.

But to conclude, a brief note on 97-year-old Isabel Rycroft, who over 70 years after last serving her country has been awarded the ‘War Medal 1939–1945’ – which is a medal awarded to subjects of the British Commonwealth who served in the military between 1939 and 1945. A fantastic story with thanks indeed to the efforts of Charnwood Lifeline Warden, Hazel Skellington.
Enjoy the read and we’ll see you next edition!


November/December 2019 edition copy deadline: 04 October 2019

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