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Happy New Year Everyone! …and here’s definitely hoping for a better 2021, than 2020 turned out to be. 2020 has been such a tough 12 months for so many of course, but also for your good old Bradgate Magazine too….as our advertisers, and indeed many charities and community groups had to pull back, cut cloths or cease operations altogether, our publication definitely felt the chill of Covid-19.

As a result we had to shelve our May/Jun and Jul/Aug editions, without a tipping point of advertisers (who were understandably cautious about their futures) to underpin us and without local groups’ being able to get together and hold events our usual plethora of editorial was also much diminished, but we’ve started to see an upturn. Some great businesses have either carried on (hardly regardlessly) or started to get back into the swing of things as such we’re delighted to continue to showcase their wares within these pages. If supporting local is your thing, please make sure our trusty local businesses, charities and trades men and women, are given your attention when considering where your valuable time and money is spent this year.

…and finally, my thanks must also go to The Bradgate team – Sue Harris, Executive Sales; Sue is always busy, both taking care of her existing accounts and canvassing for new prospects, a warm smile with always a moment to chat, Sue has continued to work hard for the magazine, despite these trying times; and to Nena Killick too – Nena leads on design and putting the magazine together and finely balances editorial space for community- and human interest stories, with those that pay the bills, our adverts! Its always been important to Nena (and formerly her father, Ed, our previous editor) that the community had a voice and we’re proud that this tradition is so strongly retained.

Our troop here at The Bradgate Magazine might be tiny in number, but we are mighty in endeavour! So, well done team and here’s to a better, brighter 2021!


QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade
winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

March / April 2021 edition copy deadline: 05 February 2021

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